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Tuesday February 20th 2018



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Choosing a Realtor

This week we put a house under contract, pushed a short sale further down the road, started homework on a listing, tried to assist two clients whose transactions are hung up because they are dealing with the wrong lawyers, and did some more videos---typical kind of week here!  The one video that I gave a lot of thought to this week was a re-write [...]

Movin’ on Through Memories of Foreclosures, Mods and Short Sales. . .

Part of this week was invested in putting together video materials for the Straight Talk Realty University’s Distressed Property Academy division.  It made me remember all our clients and the tough path we walked together assisting them to move on with life after distressed property!  To use video to assist others now on that journey, I needed [...]

Real Estate, Roofs, Realtors & Construction Issues

Talk about crazy weather across the country!!  In the middle of last week, our New Hampshire daughter calls.  She can’t pass up the opportunity to rub in the fact that she and the kids are enjoying an 80 degree day at the beach!  We started that day 20 degrees cooler than NH!  We celebrated Ben Ramos’ birthday Thursday.  He and Rosa had [...]

Straight Talk on Real Estate, Wall Street, Politics and Lamplighters!

We squeezed in a trip to the Phoenix zoo this weekend so this is getting published a few hours late!  Deb loves that place and I get a kick out of enjoying it with her!  Wow!  They have made quite a few changes in the last several months.  What a perfect and fun day to be in God’s beautiful outdoors surrounded by some of God’s prettiest, [...]

Lamplighter for Your Real Estate Questions!

Thanks to those of you that left comments on the blog.  It has been obvious that the articles of Lender and government abuse have touched on some raw nerves other than mine!  I appreciate your feedback and encourage you to be active in your local and national elections.  Your voice does make a difference!  Our collective apathy has led to our [...]

Marrying Flips, Homebuyers, Investors & Jimmy Stewart

I just returned to the office after showing a couple a well done flip!  It revved me up so much that I just have to take a moment and pay its developer respect.  The home started life as a simple bungalow in 1925 in the very core of downtown Mesa.  Over the years it was added onto and updated.  Someone has now come in and tied all the remodels [...]

Short Sales Revisited

We were chilly here this week!  We had to put up with morning temperatures in the 50’s and daytime temperatures in the 70’s.  We saw pictures (and that’s close enough) of the snow on the hill!  Ben said few people even left their houses to celebrate Valentines because of the snow in Heber!  That sure was not true in Casa Ramos II.  They [...]

Short Sales Revisited

The Phoenix metro area has tagged itself the Valley of the Sun.  This week The Valley did what it does best this time of year!!!  Provided beautiful weather!  The golfers that stayed a few days to live their fantasy that they would be the next Kyle Stanley loved it.  The snow birds that called home to the grand kids in Nebraska to hear about [...]

Mortgage Mess II, Part 2?

Last week a Romney remark prompted me to revisit the causes behind our national economic mess.  Romney opined that our mess was created by irresponsible people whom had borrowed more money on their houses than they knew they could ever pay back.  Don’t get me wrong!!  I personally support any Republican that will bring change to the change of [...]

Mortgage Mess II?

The weather has been great in the Valley of the Sun this week!  Weatherman is saying high 70s to low 80s again today!   This is the time of the year when the rest of the country wants to come to Phoenix.  Some whine over that and complain that you can’t drive down Mesa’s Main the same way you did Main Street in Bladen, NE (my home town [...]

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