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Tuesday February 20th 2018



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School safety thru firepower

Letter to the editor;   When a lunatic is shooting people, what most of the prospective victims want is a gun, and they probably want it worse than anything they ever wanted before.   A person can stay underwater for a minute, but a minute under fire without a gun can mean your life.   The police will be here in a minute.  They [...]

Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor, On Saturday morning, January 8, 2011, a senselessly evil act occurred in Tucson, Arizona.  A gunman massacred six people, and wounded many more including Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and her deputy director, Ron Barber.  Among those killed was Gifford’s 30 year-old aide, Gabe Zimmerman.  This is a loss of monumental [...]

Heber-Overgaard Fire Department Nov 2nd elections and budget

  The August 4th of this year edition of the Connection contained a letter filled with contradictory statements of dubious veracity (to put it mildly) and a vituperative torrent of hatred towards the Heber Overgaard Fire District. Because I have grown weary of rebutting to this type of juvenile ranting, I just decided to let it go.   However, [...]

Take back our country

We hear that wind farms will create jobs. But at what cost? For every wind turbine, they must blast for foundation. NAVAJO county playing Russian roulette each time they blast – with our water and water aqua fur. For every turbine they put up, we loose more and more of our beautiful sky lines. STOP the carnage of our land NOW! Give our [...]

Political madness threatening our government

Dear Editor, We are concerned about what will happen to our business if unemployed workers are no longer able to afford to pay for our services—which is already happening.  We have always believed that the only difference between Republicans and Democrats is that Republicans are business people and Democrats are workers, and we need each [...]

In defense of the GOP: Reader responds to letter from Dunning

Dear Mr. Dunning: First of all, let me set you straight on a few issues:  you talk about Republican hypocrisy but there is a lot of hypocrisy on both sides.  Politics have never been as nasty as they are now. Another thing you said about Republican Senator Corker was not true.  He did not vote to cut worker wages but to vote against a [...]

Columnist stunned by reader’s attempt to lionize Sen. McCarthy

Editor, Against good advice, my own included, I find I must take exception to a letter to the editor of The Mogollon Connection last week by a Mr. Allen Schwartz. It is a long standing rule of journalism that a columnist rarely comments upon opinions of readers. As a great Republican Senator once said, however, “People are entitled to their [...]

How is it possible to convince someone to vote against their own self interest?

Dear Editor,  How is it possible to convince someone to vote against their own self interest?  It amazes me that individuals and families who would definitely be better off under many of Obama’s programs tell me they are going to vote against it. Not long ago a lovely, intelligent woman was explaining to me that she worried about getting [...]

Why are crime statistics for America’s border cities being ignored in debate over illegal immigration?

Dear Editor, On Sunday, Aug. 8, I wrote the Arizona Republic and other Arizona media and took them to task for ignoring overall federal statistics, and instead, relying on anecdotal incidences to stir up opposition to illegal Hispanic immigration—specifically, Department of Justice figures, dug up by Dan Griswold of the CATO Institute, and [...]

Tea Party is merely the tip of the iceberg of massive unrest in America today

Editor, In a recent edition the “Rim Shots” column, written by my friend Noble Collins, decried the current political climate.  The tone and tenor of the piece was spectacularly one sided, and that was the liberal side.  I note that Newt Gingrich and the Tea Party were lumped in with the likes of George Wallace and Marjoe Gortner.  As [...]

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