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Tuesday February 20th 2018




Story & Photos by Pappy

Mr. Al Eubamk welcome speaker also member of Choir.

An evening of music and the spoken word that told the story of Easter in a way that all attending appreciated.  When you speak of “local talent” it was very evident of the wonderful talent we have here in our communities.  It was a pleasure to hear not only our great Choir but to listen to the prelude music of the Mogollon High School Orchestra Ensemble as well as the beautiful sounds of Miss Miracle Pitterle on her flute.  Turns out Miracle is the daughter of the Choir Director Patty Pitterle and it’s easy to tell why both the ladies make such good music.

Our outstanding Community Choir Directed by Patty Pitterle.

Another highlight of the evening was the “Community Children’s Choir” who sang “Away in the Manger”.  It was an evening that should not have been missed by so many.  There appeared to be approximately 100 in attendance and there were too many empty seats in my optinion  This facility, the Heber-Overgaard Unified School District #6 PERFORMING ARTS CENTER is a real Studio or Theater and we are lucky to have such a place for events such as this one.  It even has its own Lights & Sound man.  I know a lot of know Jess Horn.  He seemed to be all over the place and did a fine job.  Keep your eyes out for upcoming events here and trust me, you will be impressed not only by our local talent but by the facility as well.  Hope you enjoy the pictures attached.

Hope all had a grand Easter and that all of you will be SAFE, HEALTHY & HAPPY


A fine group of good looking youngsters are the Community Children Choir.

Mogollon High School Ensemble.

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