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Tuesday February 20th 2018



Tea Party is merely the tip of the iceberg of massive unrest in America today


In a recent edition the “Rim Shots” column, written by my friend Noble Collins, decried the current political climate.  The tone and tenor of the piece was spectacularly one sided, and that was the liberal side.  I note that Newt Gingrich and the Tea Party were lumped in with the likes of George Wallace and Marjoe Gortner.  As well, Noble threw in a helping of Joseph McCarthy, just to make his heavy handed points that much heavier.

Now, people of good will can disagree civilly, and since Noble is truly a gentleman, I see no reason to be crass in my disagreement.  However, having said that, I must correct a few of the misperceptions and myths the Mr. Collins used in trying to support his opinion.

First let us discuss Joe McCarthy.  It has been a popular left/liberal line since 1954 that McCarthy was this “demagogue, bully, liar and monster, author of a five year reign of terror by creating a bogus ‘Red Scare’ and smearing countless innocent victims.  History has judged him such a loathsome figure that even today, a half century after his death, his name remains synonymous with witch hunts.” 

Unfortunately this is not true.  McCarthy did, in point of fact, uncover communists in high government positions, including the young man who worked for Joseph Welch, as well as Welch himself.  What is not remembered, and also conveniently omitted, is that these communist sympathizers passed state secrets to Joseph Stalin and generally compromised the safety of security of the United States of America.  In other words, McCarthy searched out, hunted down and brought out into the open a rampant cabal of anti-American communists whose agenda it was to bring about the fall of the American experiment.  Welch’s oft cited quote was made disingenuously and was entirely self-serving.  Admittedly, it did what it was intended to do, which was to shift suspicion away from Welch and his ilk and tar McCarthy.

Don’t take my word for it, none other than M. Stanton Evans has written a book on the subject titled “Blacklisted by History: The untold Story of Senator Joe McCarthy and his fight against America’s Enemies.”  I’d have mentioned Ann Coulter’s book “Treason” as well, in which she also documents, annotates and footnotes all of the above information, but mentioning Ann Coulter to a liberal is like throwing raw meat to a pit bull.  I’d rather stick with facts for the moment, not emotions.

I’ll agree that George Wallace was a rabid racist, but his “large following” says more about his support base (the deep south, around the time of  desegregation) and the prevailing mood of the country still coming to grips with the civil rights movement, than it does about the electorate in general.

Marjoe Gortner was a charlatan of the first water.  He and his parents preyed upon the gullible and zealous.  It is well to remember that his time of greatest popularity as a Pentecostal preacher was in the late 1940’s (the youngest ordained minister ever) and early 1950’s.  The culture of the time had not evolved the skepticism that it would a mere decade later.  His following was also not very large, but the fallout from his eventual unmasking by the media made it seem as though it was.

So now that we’ve put the “hysteria” into context, I’d like to address the core premise of Noble’s column;  Newt, the Tea Party and, I suppose, anyone who does not agree with the liberal line are mean-spirited, vitriolic liars who are defaming anything and everything that is good and pure in the government today.  Taking Ms. Sebilius to task for making an unfounded and uninformed statement, more of an opinion really, apparently has turned one of our most educated, erudite and politically astute individuals into a man who is “on a deranged quest to discredit every portion of his perceived enemies.”  Really?  Well at least Newt can take care of himself.  How about Joseph Wurzelbacher?  You know, Joe the plumber.  Who does he see about a politician’s campaign thugs who tried to destroy his life by leaking “supposedly” embarrassing information to the media because he asked a candidate an uncomfortable question?  Do we really want to go down that road Noble?  Do we want to go into gory detail of all the “hit” pieces the left has thrown at not only the Tea Party, but anyone, let me repeat, ANYONE, who has the temerity to speak out against the direction that the country is heading and the total incompetence being exhibited by those in Washington?

I’d rather talk about the real issue here; we are in the midst of a grass roots revolution of people who have had enough of the government’s ineptitude and what it is attempting to foist upon the citizens of this country without their consent (Obamacare for starters, the new one percent transaction tax coming to a bank near you soon, for seconds among many others).  The Tea Party is merely the tip of the iceberg of massive unrest in America today.  We have been ill served for far too long by a political elite, abetted by a sympathetic media, pushing a “progressive” (read socialist, Marxist) agenda on our constitutional republic.

Your column is just one more attempt by those on the left to distract and defame, by ridicule and scorn, anyone who dares to disagree with the “party” line.  Make no mistake; we are in the midst of a great struggle for the heart and soul of the United States of America.  The choice could not be clearer: are we to become a third world nation, a European style socialist oligarchy, or are we to return to the constitutional republic that we were founded as?

The title of your column says it all, except it would be more appropriate if edited as follows:

Time to Stand Up to Todays Deranged MSNBC Commentators and Liberal Bias in the Media

Allen Schwartz

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