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Tuesday February 20th 2018



Why are crime statistics for America’s border cities being ignored in debate over illegal immigration?

Dear Editor,

On Sunday, Aug. 8, I wrote the Arizona Republic and other Arizona media and took them to task for ignoring overall federal statistics, and instead, relying on anecdotal incidences to stir up opposition to illegal Hispanic immigration—specifically, Department of Justice figures, dug up by Dan Griswold of the CATO Institute, and reported in the Monday, May 10, Wall Street Journal.  These figures show that “during the past decade as the number of illegal immigrants in the state grew rapidly, the violent crime rate dropped by 23 percent, the property crime rate by 28 percent.  Census data show that immigrants are actually less likely to commit crimes than their native born counterparts.  The crime rate in Arizona was the lowest it has been in four decades.”

I never had any response from anyone at the Arizona Republic or any acknowledgment as to Mr. Griswold’s “Justice Department Facts.”  More importantly, as far as I know, the Republic never printed these facts and continued noncommittally reporting on the whole panoply of candidates trying to outdo each other as to what they would do, when elected, to seal the border, and keep the crime-crazed Hispanic immigrants on the other side of the fences and walls they would build.

Now we have a new entrant, with some further astonishing facts for us.  Apparently, according to Reason Magazine, the Associated Press got to digging into the facts of our crime-ridden border and found that “the four American cities with the lowest crime rates are El Paso, Austin, San Diego and Phoenix.”

The CATO figures and the Associated Press figures have been available to the Republic and other Arizona media for some time.  To me, it is irresponsible that you have not had a drumbeat of publicity on these facts.  With sufficient emphasis on these facts, we might have had a political campaign season discussing some of the serious problems Arizona has rather than just bashing illegal immigrants.

Instead, we spent millions of dollars and untold man hours fulminating on how we were going to solve what apparently is a non-problem.

P.S. to Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon:  Are you aware Phoenix is one of the four safest cities in America?  Why has this not received more publicity?  It seems to me that in these times of reduced tourism, national publicity would be a plus.

It  seems to me that the facts above should be invaluable to your constituents.  The American people are not constitutionally bigoted.  Get the facts to them and they will evaluate and act on the facts.  If the regular media is more interested in stirring up trouble than in presenting facts, maybe you have to pay to get the facts out.  Considering what is at stake it may be worth it.


Dan Adams


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