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Tuesday February 20th 2018



How is it possible to convince someone to vote against their own self interest?

Dear Editor,

 How is it possible to convince someone to vote against their own self interest?  It amazes me that individuals and families who would definitely be better off under many of Obama’s programs tell me they are going to vote against it.

Not long ago a lovely, intelligent woman was explaining to me that she worried about getting injured or sick, because she had no way to pay for any medical care.  As I listened to her I felt compassion for her circumstances and almost involuntarily said, “Thank God for Obama Care.”  “Oh no,” she replied.  “I don’t want the government interfering in our health care.”

I was stunned that this person who needed this help would vote against her own self interest, because of a belief that if the government is involved it becomes automatically evil.  I didn’t mention to her that Medicare, which was helping millions of seniors handle some of their medical expenses, was a rousing success.  I didn’t tell her that I knew folks who had children born with disabilities, that without the help of Medicaid, would have had to let their children go without treatment.

As I considered the inconsistencies and the propaganda from some quarters, I thought of a friend of mine from England.  She lives in Arizona most of the year, but returns to England to visit her children.  Well, she also goes for one other reason.  Medical care.  She had to have surgery a couple of years ago and returned to England to get the help she needed.  She arrived on those far shores one day, and within a week went into the hospital.  She explained to me there was no waiting time to get surgery.  Everything went smoothly.  She received excellent care, and best of all, there was no large bill waiting for her during recovery.

This same friend just returned from a 3 month visit with her daughter in England.  “How did it go? I asked.  “It was wonderful,” she replied.  “In addition, I am considering returning to England full time.  The political discourse here has gotten so ugly, that I don’t want to put up with it any more.”

This is an individual who puts in many hours of volunteer service to help make Payson a better place to live.  Whether it is with her feet or the ballot box, she is going to be voting for her own best interests.  That’s what I am going to do too.  I am going to ignore the doom sayers and complainers.  I am going to put my shoulders to the volunteer wagon and push for a better America for everyone, whether they know it or not.

Pat Rollins

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