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Tuesday February 20th 2018



In defense of the GOP: Reader responds to letter from Dunning

Dear Mr. Dunning:

First of all, let me set you straight on a few issues:  you talk about Republican hypocrisy but there is a lot of hypocrisy on both sides.  Politics have never been as nasty as they are now.

Another thing you said about Republican Senator Corker was not true.  He did not vote to cut worker wages but to vote against a bailout for a company that did not operate under good business practices, as did a lot of Republican senators.

You said the Republican Party does not care about small businesses.  Again, a statement that is not true.  Obama has increased regulatory burdens on small businesses and if the Bush tax cuts are not extended, small businesses will be hurt further.  You need to read real business reports and not Democratic propaganda on this issue.

You said the Republican Party is corporate-controlled but both sides are beholden to big business.  You failed to mention the $4.8 million donated to Obama and other Democratic candidates by Microsoft and General Electric.  Jeffery Smelt, the CEO of General Electric, is a regular visitor to the White House.  You talked about unions in reference to a Ms. Shirley Dye and a lot of what she said is true.  Oh yeah, let’s not mention the $2.7 million donated to Obama and other Democrats by the SEIU and the great American hater, George Soros, donated about $3.1 million to the Democratic cause.  Now see if you can tell me with a straight face that Democrats have no ties to big business!

You say Republicans caused the economic crisis we have been having and while there is enough blame on this issue on both sides, there are a lot of things the Democrats did that hurt us also.  First of all, remember in Jan. 2007 when Democrats took control of the House and Senate, Arizona had a 3.6 percent unemployment rate and the national rate was 3.9 percent.  The Dow around that time was around 14,000—a high we have not seen since.

While “laissez-faire” policies are sometimes a good thing, Republicans tried to pass regulations on lending corporations but the Democrats voted it down.  Two corporations they tried to regulate were Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac which failed about two months later and was one of the main factors that started the economic crisis.

You said Obama’s Recovery Act saved us from a Great Depression, but that is just an opinion with no basis in fact.  Most economists say the stimulus failed.  If it was true, why is the unemployment rate 9.6 percent and the growth rate for the last quarter was 1.6 percent instead of the 2.5 percent to 3.0 percent rate we need for real growth?

There are other points in your letter to discuss, but I have already shown you that most of your arguments are false.  The only other thing I wish to discuss is: Why did you bring up references to Hitler and imply that Republicans are Nazis?  That is a vile and disgusting thing to call anybody.  This really makes me mad and only shows that you have a small and hateful mind toward other Americans whose opinions differ from yours.  If you noticed, I did not call you any names because I am better than that and I will only debate on the merits of the argument—unlike a lot of Democrats who resort to name-calling when they know they are losing the debate. 

So, use facts and not lies and propaganda when you write your next letter.

Have a nice day, Mr. Dunning.

 James Bruner


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