The Voice of the Rural Rim
Tuesday February 20th 2018



Political madness threatening our government

Dear Editor,

We are concerned about what will happen to our business if unemployed workers are no longer able to afford to pay for our services—which is already happening.  We have always believed that the only difference between Republicans and Democrats is that Republicans are business people and Democrats are workers, and we need each other to succeed.

We’re all Americans.  Do we really want to war against each other until starvation and homelessness defeats our children so the wealthiest, with their tax cuts, can have total control of this once beautiful nation? 

We need good food, good homes, good jobs, proper health care and public education for all.  Greed and stupidity, gained by the Second Amendment, does not work in favor of anybody.  We are speaking out in a soft voice to stop this political madness that threatens our government.


Ray Garcia

Star Valley

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