The Voice of the Rural Rim
Tuesday February 20th 2018



Take back our country

We hear that wind farms will create jobs. But at what cost? For every wind turbine, they must blast for foundation. NAVAJO county playing Russian roulette each time they blast – with our water and water aqua fur.

For every turbine they put up, we loose more and more of our beautiful sky lines.

STOP the carnage of our land NOW!

Give our Mountain a voice. “Say No To More Wind Farms. We loose and foreign countries prosper.

Look what happened with the gulf – what a mess (disaster).

Now they have their eyes set on us – Lets tell them to use their own land! Say NO at County Commissioners 10/21/2010 at 6pm County Complex, or call your county supervisors and let your voice be heard. (928) 524-4053.


Concerned Citizens

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