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Tuesday February 20th 2018



School safety thru firepower

Letter to the editor;


When a lunatic is shooting people, what most of the prospective victims want is a gun, and they probably want it worse than anything they ever wanted before.   A person can stay underwater for a minute, but a minute under fire without a gun can mean your life.


The police will be here in a minute.  They are really very dedicated and efficient, and they have practiced for this sort of thing.  But how many of us will die in that minute?


How about the faculty?  Won’t they protect the students?  Not according to the statement that a huge number of them signed:  They will refuse to carry guns.  See, it is “Politically-Incorrect” for “Liberal” professors to go about armed.


PLAN A (The optimum outcome):  Students, faculty and staff are free to carry weapons, and some of them do.  The proverbial crazed lone gunman is not dumb enough to start shooting in such an environment.  No shooting occurs. 


PLAN B:  Some students, faculty and staff are armed.  The murderer is wounded, captured or killed immediately after he opens fire.


PLAN C:  Absolutely nobody has a firearm – except the bad guy.  He shoots everyone in sight until he runs out of ammunition or is tackled while changing magazines. 


Now, about the argument that the police will respond to a school-shooting and find “people running around with guns in their hands” – When the school-shooter is down, nobody will be “running around”.  They will be standing around, talking about it.  That’s how people do.


Then, they say, it detracts from education to have weapons in the area.  I have personal experience in this area.  It doesn’t detract at all.  In about a minute everyone gets used to the guns and gets down to taking notes on the lecture.  (Those who have never seen an actual firearm on a non-TV civilian may take TWO minutes.)


Glenn Jacobs

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